Has anyone seen this???RPM/SETUP errors

Has anyone seen this???RPM/SETUP errors

Post by Mike Riche » Mon, 26 Oct 1998 03:00:00

ok, here's the background information:

installation on compaq contura 430c laptop
16mb ram
840 mb hard disk partitioned to
/dev/hda1      msdos     350Mb (fat 16 partition containing the
redhat/rpm and /redhat/core files)
/dev/hda5      ext2         Linux Native
/dev/hda6      ext2         Linux Swap

during redhat 5.1 install, I get this error (every time it gets to
Xfree86 section)

error 2 reading header.  Success install exited abnormally sending
termination signals: done sending kill signals: done unmounting file
systems: bla bla bla you may safely reboot your system.

OK, not a problem, I'm resourceful.  So, I deselected the X windows
installation files, and thought I'd do it through the command line.
redhat install went flawlessly, but I tried installing X from the
command line......no luck, here's the input and output:

######################################unpacking of archive failed on
file /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/misc/gb16s.pcd.gz: 1: Success error:
xfree86.006 cannot be installed

It actually makes it through several of the rpm files, before it does
this, and it always happens at the same spot.......it's really beginning
to bug the shit out of me........I can get slakware to install, but the
only verson of it I have is 2.0.29 which I don't really care for (it's a
bad compilation of software, not much to it)

well, I hope I've provided enough information for ye the linux masters
to decipher the problem from.

and unlike some of the posters, I truely am thankful for those of you
who help us newcomers

Mike Richey


Has anyone seen this???RPM/SETUP errors

Post by Mark Kell » Tue, 27 Oct 1998 04:00:00

Sounds like you have a bad copy of XFree on your hands, might be a bad spot
on the CD if that is what you are installing from.  have you tried
downloading another copy of XFree 86 and installing it?



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