Western Digital PCI SCSI Adapter WD7193 ???

Western Digital PCI SCSI Adapter WD7193 ???

Post by Michatro » Wed, 24 Jan 1996 04:00:00


can you tell me how to get my WD7193 to work with Linux?

The Western Digital WD7193 is a 8 bit SCSI Hostadapter for PCI. As I know,
kernel version 1.3.5x this PCI device is autodetected and identified - but
a host
adapter driver is still missing.

Do you know if such a driver is under development, included in any other
than Slack 3.0, or still exists on a ftp site or is obtainable as
commercial software?

If not so, where could I get technical information about the WDC33C296A
and the WD BIOS?

Any ideas? - Thank you