Back Pack cd-rom problem On Red hat 5.1

Back Pack cd-rom problem On Red hat 5.1

Post by cts » Fri, 26 Jun 1998 04:00:00

My Back Pack cd-rom wont mount after installation. It works during the
installation but after, i get a block device error. Help me please.


1. Need help getting Red Hat 5.1 to see my SCSI CD-ROM

I have an IBM PC 350 where I need to install Linux. The system uses an
Options by IBM ISA SCSI controler (rebaged Future Domain 16x0) to
support 1 hard drive and the CD-ROM.

When I boot the install disk and select "local CD-ROM" install method, I
can't get linux to see the CD-ROM.  I select to specify the options,
supply the IO port, IRQ and bios base address.  I see activity on the
CD-ROM drive and then get an error message.

The error states that the mount for /dev/scd0 failed and a block device
is required. I could sure use some help getting the propper incantation
for this controler/CD-ROM.

I registered my copy of Red Hat 5.1 and opened a problem ticket on the
Red Hat web page, but that has been over two weeks and still no

Thanks in advance for any and all help.


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