DPT SCSI Bootdisk Problem - Help!

DPT SCSI Bootdisk Problem - Help!

Post by Rolf Hu » Sun, 09 Apr 1995 04:00:00


I have a NEC Express/II P60ST with 48Meg RAM and a DPT SCSI HD controler
(PM2122A/9X, on the supported list...). I Have Win95 on C: and
D: and I want to put Linux on E: with the slackware dist. I used fdisk
to make the primary partition on E: and left it unformated. When I
use the Bootdisk for linux (scsi or scsinet1) all goes well until
after the boot: prompt when the scsi controler comes back busy...
It keeps trying to reset the controler counting up to 60 something, then
does it all over again.  My Win95 system is stable. Anyone have a clue
what might be going on?

Thanks in advance,

-Rolf Hunt


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Hi all,

I have a new problem!

EISA i486 machine. DPT SCSI 2122 controller with 4 MB cache and RAID 1 module.
SCSI Wangtek 5250ES (or something like this) tape streamer.

The streamer can write to tape (with tar and with cpio), but it cannot
READ from tape (neither with tar nor with cpio)!!
Each time I try to read, the whole system hangs!! The only solution is then
to reset it!!

The controller don't seem to have any problems with the hard disks. So I
suppose the problem isn't with the controller, but then where?? Maybe on
the streamer hardware??

Any hints would be appreciated. Thanx, victor.


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