Keyboard table for 84 key AT keyboard?

Keyboard table for 84 key AT keyboard?

Post by Steve Whal » Sat, 30 Aug 1997 04:00:00

Does anyone know where I can find a .map file (to go in
/usr/lib/kbd/keytables) for a U.S. AT style keyboard?  The
files there seem to assume 100+ key keyboards.  I really like the old
AT keyboards because of the big control key right where I like it!

I want to avoid re-inventing the wheel and having to build my own
keyboard map from scratch.  Now that X also uses the keytables as it's
start point, I really need to fix this.

Thanks.  Steve



1. 84 Key Keyboard under 3.1.1

I have an 84 key keyboard. The problem is with the arrow keys in
an xterm under XFree86 3.1.1.

I can't get my arrow keys and the NumLock function to work since I
upgraded to Slackware 2.2 with the 1.2.8 kernel and X 3.1.1.
They work under text based virtual terminals, but won't work under X.

It was fine under Slackware 2.0 with kernels 1.1.18 and 1.1.94 and the
previous release of X.

If I put a 101 key keyboard on the system (X 3.1.1) the separate
arrow keys work, but the NumLock function still doesn't.

If ServerNumLock is enabled in XF86Config, no keystrokes from the keypad
whether NumLock is on or off.
If ServerNumLock is commented out in XF86Config, I always get numbers
whether NumLock is on or off.

The xterm feature menu shows application keypad and cursor keys off.
Turning them on doesn't help.

I've spent several hours in the man pages, HOWTO's, news groups,
does someone have the answer for this?


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