please email me a copy of your init.d file (/etc/init.d)

please email me a copy of your init.d file (/etc/init.d)

Post by Hal Burgi » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

>I accidentally overwrote my init.d file with a file from mysql.  If you
>have a freshly installed version 6.1 of redhat, please send me a copy
>of your init.d file... or tell me how I can restore this file.  I never
>even looked at it, so I have no idea what it should say...

More than likely you need:

 rpm -Uvv </mnt/to/cd/>initscripts-4.48-1

Hal B

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...but /etc/init.d/acct already starts it, and I already edited the sys
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