SCSI Boot disk won't see PCI SCSI drive

SCSI Boot disk won't see PCI SCSI drive

Post by William Glen Smit » Wed, 07 Jun 1995 04:00:00

 I am trying to install Linux on a Compaq 5100 (Pentium 100Mhz).
I am using the SCSI boot disk for Slackware Linux. It will not
see the SCSI drive. The SCSI is off of the motherboard. At boot
up it says scsi: 0 hosts. How can I get it to recognize the SCSI
off of the motherboard? The /proc/pci file does not list any PCI
devices. The doc I have for the motherboard does not say much about
the SCSI setup. Can I force the boot process to see the drive?
When I try to fdisk it defaults to /dev/sda but it cannot read it.
/dev/hda does not exist either. Obviously I can't install. I am
trying to install from floppies to the SCSI HD.


Glen Smith


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First, I am a complete newbie to UNIX.

Second, I have a Slackware 3.0 CD from Walnut Creek.

I have prepared the scsi disk and the UMSDOS disks as per the install

I boot with the SCSI disk and it sees both SCSI interfaces I have installed (an
on board AHA1542 or something like that and a ProAudioSpectrum). Only problem
is that it doesn't see my hard drives. It looks like it's doing a bus scan, but
never indicates that it found a drive.

If I continue, once I log in fdisk doesn't see any hard drives either.

Anyone know a simple cure/fix for this?

In short; help!!!


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