R.H. 2.1/Newbie Setup/X setup dies/help!

R.H. 2.1/Newbie Setup/X setup dies/help!

Post by Mike Blanchar » Mon, 12 Feb 1996 04:00:00

IF you figure this out, let me know!  I get the same problem!!

> Hello all,

>    I decided to take the dive and learn linux.  My roommate runs it and likes
> it so I upgraded my computer and am now trying to setup Red Hat 2.1. My system is
> as follows:

>    Gateway 486SX-33 upgraded to 83MHz Pentium Overdrive/8MB RAM
>    Creative Labs Hex Speed CDROM connected as a master drive to:
>    Promise Tech. EIDE controller
>    212MB WD Caviar HD connected as master drive to original IDE controller on
>            motherboard.
>    1.2GB WD Caviar HD connected as slave drive to original IDE controller.

>    I'm attempting to install linux on the 1.2GB HD.  I partitioned the HD
> using fdisk. From what I've read in newsgroups, etc. I'm doing everything right.I
> have my hard drives on one controller and CDROM on another.  When I get to the
> LILO prompt I enter "linux hdc=cdrom" and this apparently is recognized by linux.
> When I get into the X setup everything goes great.  The setup finds: my CDROM,
> all partitions on the 1.2GB HD, 212MB HD and its DOS partitions, mouse, video, etc.
> The problem is this:

> After I select the packages I want and click on install, the CDROM and HD fire up
> and the install status window appears.  The status window gives the totals for what
> it intends to install, but makes no progress as the HD and CDROM continue to run.
> After about 5-7 minutes of this the HD and CDROM stop running and the install is
> apparently hung up.  I've let it sit this way for as long as 45 minutes and nothing
> happens.

> I have tried to set the CDROM to slave, connect the 1.2GB HD and CDROM on the EIDE
> controller, etc., etc. but nothing seems to work.  Once, when the setup hung, I
> closed all of the open windows (package select and install status).  Then the HD and
> CDROM began to run again. Eventually, a window came up and asked if I used Local or
> Greenwich? time.  I answered and it hung-up again. Then I closed this window and the
> HD and CDROM began to run again.  This continued for about 20 minutes.  No windows
> or error messages came up, causing me to eventually get nervous and reboot.

> Has anyone else had this problem? or does anyone know what I'm doing wrong. Any
> help, email or post, would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance.

> Jason Henry


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