Mitsumi <<<--- Linux doesn't see it.

Mitsumi <<<--- Linux doesn't see it.

Post by Nenad Andjeli » Wed, 31 Dec 1997 04:00:00

> Hi almighty Linux gurus...

>         Since installing Slackware (april release) into my Zeos
> (spit) Pantera 486/DX66 with a double speed MITSUMI cdrom, LINUX will
> simply _not_ recognize the darn cdrom.

> SETUP:  The cdrom data cable is plugged into a controller card by Mitsumi,
> =====   it says 8bit something right on the card.

> SOFTWARE: I used the Slackware Windows root disk creator to make the
> ========  Mitsumi boot disks also tried the 'old IDE CDROM' images
>           withouht success.

> ERROR MESSAGE:  It simply tells me that 'unable to recognize CD', 'CD not
> ===== =======   found' during boot.

>         Is it a Zeos problem? Is it the card? The SETUP program doesn't complain
> of anything when I choose the MITSUMI option, and if I choose the old IDE
> CDROM option after I reboot it pokes around for a Matsushita/Panasonic CD!
> It's strange I know.
> Please help me out if you can.... Later, Elias

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I have a friend with a proprietary mitsumi CD ROM, and what in the end
turned out to be the problem was that in the source code Mitsumi was
hard wired to IRQ 9 or 10, not sure, and it couldn't get recognized
because the SCSI card would occupy this IRQ first.  I recommend you
check the kernel source file for mitsumi CD ROM and see what it says




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