KDE 2 question

KDE 2 question

Post by Ken Knec » Sat, 30 Jun 2001 08:57:04

Is there a way to change KDS 2.x? in RH 7.1 so you have to click
on a choice from the 'Start' menu rather than just touch it with
the mouse cursor? I looked at Look and Feel choices but didn't
see this. I keep starting things I don't intend to when I bring
up the menu.




1. KDE Theme and KDE Header Question

I have been trying to install this theme for KDE 3.1 on Mandrake 9.1 :-


The configure script runs OK until it stops with cannot find KDE headers
in current prefix. I have tried
./configure --enable-prefix=/usr

and other directories. Can anyone tell me the KDE header file names this
theme is requiring. If I can find the header I can complete the appropriate
prefix. Thanks in advance.

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