RedHat CD I/O Error help needed

RedHat CD I/O Error help needed

Post by Thomas Schruef » Sat, 28 Sep 1996 04:00:00

I got a level 5 ??? I/O error when trying to access the RedHat Linux 3.03
March '96 CD.

I couldn't install Linux from this CD and RedHat software was no help,
they keep telling me I have a invalid reg number.

What I did was install Linux fram a Redhat version 2 CD and then ran the
"upgrade" script found on the 3.03 CD, that is when I got a I/O error.

My question is this, are there any utilities that can confirm this error
and will RedHat give me a replacement CD ?????


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The problem:

I've downloaded RedHat 5.0 from sunsite, and I am trying to put it on a
CD. The problem is, I don't seem to be able to get it right. I've tried
using Adaptec Easy CD Creator DeLuxe (yes, it's a windows program - I
haven't installed Linux yet), and I've figured that I need
ISO9660-format on the CD, so I tried making a CD using ISO9660 with long
filenames (up to 30 chars). The problem is, it only allows one period
(.) in each filename, and most linux files have atleast 2 of them. I
tried burning anyway, converting the excessive periods to _'s, but when
I started installing, it said "That CD-ROM does not contain a RedHat CD"
or something similar.

So, back to windows, and I tried GEAR 4.2, setting it NOT to convert
filenames when adding files to the CD image. Sounded like just what I
needed. But no, same message when I try to install.

Do I need a specific label for the CD ? Do I have the
directory-structure right ? In the root of the CD I have these dirs and

doc             (dir)
dosutils        (dir)
images          (dir)
misc            (dir)
RedHat          (dir)

Then, in the RedHat dir, I have these subdirs:

I386            (file)

Could someone please help me shed some light on this ? I am in desperate

frequent newsgroups-user.


        - Roy W. Andersen

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