LILO fills screen with 1's and 0's

LILO fills screen with 1's and 0's

Post by Tom Schwar » Mon, 03 Jun 1996 04:00:00

I'm trying to install Linux and can get through the entire installation
process, until it comes time to reboot.  Upon rebooting, the machine
completes its bios check and then the screen fills with 1's and 0's; i.e.
1010101010101, etc.  My hardware is:

        Adaptec AHA-1520A
        Quantum SCSI Hard-drive 1.2 GB
        Pioneer CR-US124X SCSI CD-ROM
        Seagate IDE Hard-drive 240 MB

I expect that the problem is related to my CD-ROM since I can't install
directly from the CD-ROM, but can do so with the 3 floppy/CD install - go
figure!  When installing from the CD-ROM, it always gives me a VFS error.

Please reply via e-mail in addition to posting to the newsgroup.  Thanks.



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hey guys, i have RH6.2 installed on hda2 and W2K on hda1, W2K is my primary
OS, for now, and i use VMWare to boot my linux partition from within Win2K,
but what's happening is this; when i start VMWare i get my NTLoader Menu,
select Red Hat Linux 6.2, then it goes to the Lilo: prompt, at which point
it just starts filling my screen with 00's ( ie. 00 00 00 00 00 ... )
has anybody encountered/heard of such a thing happening before? or know what
i could do to fix it?



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