may i ask question here?

may i ask question here?

Post by doc » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

the  /lib/lixxx.o in my red hat 6.0 linux was gone
how can i recover the system without reinstall redhat



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1. how elementary are the questions which may be asked on this SIG?

Since installing a new 6.4G HD and not yet discarding a
120M HD still in my box, I thought to fool around a bit
with LINUX.  I had never dared to try to repartion my 540M
HD which died earlier this year.

So I have been trying to install LINUX on my 120HD
(d: drive) with one or another of the most common

I have tried to get started with Red Hat, Debian and
Slackware.  Apparently I am too technologically challenged
to follow the online instructions for the RH and Debian
start-up disks; only with Slackware have I been able
to get as far as to create a start-up disk with bare.i
and trantor.s that provides a working prompt line when
booted to.  I also made 3 floppies with umdos (.gz & .bat),
color and rescue on them and I have also downloaded
a1.tar thrugh a5.tar and ap1.tar onto my hd.  I put these
on logical drive e: in my e:\slackwar directory and
untared them with Winzip  which created a directory
hierarchy for each one.

I have gotten hold of 2 LINUX books from the library but
neither has explicit directions (of the sort I need) for
how to proceed.

What should I do at the prompt line after rebooting to
the Slackware start-up disk?  I note that the disk
correctly identifies the 2 physical HDs in my box,
the fda but not the SCSI card or the Nikon scanner and
Sanyo CD that are also in the box.  Perhaps this is
because trantor.s can not recoginze a Trantor 130B
SCSI card; the doc for trantor.s mentions the 128 and
other Trantor cards but not 130B.

Am I supposed first to reformat d: with the command
fdisk hdb?  There is nothing currently on d:

Or am I supposed to put the a1-a5 and ap1 files on d:
first and then...what?  Since the whole venture falls
into the category fun and games, the notion of purchasing
a $50 CD for installation seems supererogatory,
ignominious or maybe I am just too cheap.

Thanks in advance for any handholding you might be
prepared to proffer.  

Michael Eisenstadt

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