Compiling required

Compiling required

Post by Elvis Presl » Wed, 04 Oct 1995 04:00:00

I have in /lib.  However, when I attempt to compile slrn
(newsreader) I get the error ld: output file requires library `'
My path is set to include /lib also.

Anyone offer any ideas?  Thanks.




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I've got a very simple x app that I'm trying to compile with gcc 2.6.3
and I get the error ld: Output file requires shared library ''
when it tries to link.  I've checked and the library is there in /lib
and an ldconfig shows the libc.4.7.2 library in its list.  I even know that
the system is using this library because I tried deleting it and none of the
commands would work after that.  I was able to restore it with out to much
trouble.  So my guess is that some sort of option is needed to tell ld
to get this library and use it?

and help would be greatly appreciated.

Lance Holmes

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