RH 5.1 CD-ROM problem

RH 5.1 CD-ROM problem

Post by Ray Clous » Sat, 20 Jun 1998 04:00:00

My boss wants to install RH 5.1 on his K6-300 clone; unfortunately, it
hangs when the install attempts to detect or mount the CD-ROM.  We've
looked carefully at the vmlinuz boot and seen that it does recognize the
CD-ROM drive (it's a Pioneer at /dev/hdc).

I looked at the RH site & did a search; there's nothing pertinent.  Any

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1. RH 5.1 CD-ROM install problem

I'm having a problem installing redhat 5.1 from a mitsumi CD-ROM drive.
During the installation when I choose to install from a cdrom it begins to
seem as if it is about to detect it and then just freezes.  I'm thinking
that possibly I need to specify options for the CD-ROM drive at the "boot:"
area on the setup boot screen.  But I have know idea what those options
might be or even if that is the problem.

Any help is appreciated.

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