DOS ext2fs driver

DOS ext2fs driver

Post by D.M.We » Fri, 02 Jun 1995 04:00:00

Under linux can quite happily access my DOS partition. I would like to be
able to do the same in reverse, that's to say have access to the ext2fs
system from a DOS session. I know this is likely to be difficult (long
filenames, links etc.) but it would be nice.

Does anyone have a driver? I have seen one for accessing minix partitions...


Duncan Webb

Undergraduate at The University Of Kent At Canterbury


1. Linux ext2fs device driver for DOS or Win95

: Does such a thing exist, either as a DOS device driver or a VxD for
: Windows? Is there a utility which will run under DOS and transfer files
: to/from an ext2fs partition?

You can run the DOS emulator under Linux.  DOS can be made to
think that regular Linux filesystems are local.  I don't have
a dedicated DOS partition - all files are in a Linux FS.  The
performance seems to be good (maybe better than DOS) and I
can access all files from either OS.  If two boxes are in use,
with some sort of network connection, perhaps NFS is a solution.
Linux filesystems could be exported to DOS or Windows or Mac, or...

I don't run Windows.
Stephen Uitti
Programmer at DCCS, UPENN

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