Unable to start LINUX

Unable to start LINUX

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Actually this (fr.comp.os.linux.configuration) is a french speaking
group you should have posted in comp.os.linux.setup. I have put a
followup to this group.

Note for the french speakers/ Remarque aux francophones:

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Quote:>I am having a few problems with my computer
>I have partioned my harddisk into 4 partions
>when i run fdisk i get the following table
>(Usually,I use fdisk and then activate the req partion(win'95 or
>linux) and then reboot the system)
>current fixed disk drive: 1
>Partition status  type    volume label Mbs  system  usage
>  1         A     Non-Dos              913           45%
>  2               Non-Dos               87            4%
>c:3               PRI DOS    RIAZ      902   FAT16   45%
>  4               EXT DOS              110            5%
>Total Disk space is 2012
>(I have made the Non Dos partion(ie loaded Linux there) active now.
>Theoritically,When i reboot the system the linux should run
>However My problem is When I  reboot the system
>Win'95(The o/s that i have loaded in C:\ drive)is started (or is run)

As far as I know when a PC on which Windows has been installed last is
booted the MBR written by windows is read and it looks for a Primary dos
partition, it doesn't care about the bootable flags at that time.

Now, in order to boot linux the best thing to do is to install a boot
loader. Lest that be done, should you use a floppy to boot linux.
You can either choose loadlin or lilo. The former is a dos program that
is able to boot linux (you have to first boot DOS). The later is a real
boot loader, that can be installed on the MBR allowing you to boot each
operating system.
You should read some documents as the LILO mini-howto and the
Multiboot-with-LILO mini-howto.




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