Modem IRQ

Modem IRQ

Post by M.Buchenried » Sat, 09 Mar 1996 04:00:00

>Is there a way I can set Com3 IRQ5 in linux using minicom..
>is there any other non X based comm program I should look at..

You'll need to use 'setserial' for doing this. See 'man setserial'.


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1. Modem IRQ conflict?

Sorry if this has already been covered recently, but I checked
all the FAQ's I could find... :-)

1. I have 2 serial ports and an internal modem in my PC.
        COM1 (3f8) uses IRQ4 and has the mouse on it
        COM2 (2f8) uses IRQ3 and has a TERMINAL on it (sometimes)
        COM4 (2e8) uses IRQ3 and is the internal modem.

    Now I can use Kermit OK (I'm using SLS 0.98) with the modem,
    UNLESS I have a getty running on /dev/ttys2 (COM2) which
    uses the same interrupt.  I checked and it's having the
    2 ports running together that causes the problem.  If DON'T
    use the modem then I can have a getty on ttys2 and log in fine.

    SO: Is there a way around this?  Are there alternate drivers
        that allow com port sharing of IRQ's or is this not possible?

        (yes, I know I could change the IRQ setting of my modem
         but it will only do 3 or 2 and 2 will conflict with the SVGA)

2.  ( A small point).  I saw fixkbd.tar.Z announced on comp.archives
    (taken from comp.os.linux I think) but when I logged on to
    tsx-11 it was nowhere to be seen.  Archie hasn't seen it either.
    I'm OK now since I re-built the kernel anyway, but others may be
    searching in vain for it.  Anyone seen it?

3.  Thanks to everyone working on this!  I'm very impressed!  All I
    need now is a 200Mb disk and a modem that will work at 10Mbps
    and I can use X over the phone!  Seriously, thanks guys!


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