DOS drivers and warm reboots

DOS drivers and warm reboots

Post by John M. Vreela » Fri, 04 Aug 1995 04:00:00

My Data Technology Corporation IDE interface requires DOSEIDE.EXE to be run
from DOS before Windows or DOS can access the secondary hard drive or use the
VESA local bus.  Since my CDROM is on /dev/hdc it's inaccesible from Linux (no
driver) and I thought that was that.

However, if I warm boot from DOS to Linux, "Looking for CDROM..." finds it!

Does this mean that DOSEIDE.EXE merely sets up the card for use?  Or is a DOS
TSR somehow still running after a warm boot?  What can I do from Linux to get
this to happen without going through MS-DOS first?

-John M. Vreeland

"He who dies with the most toys is dead."


1. CD-ROM on SB-16 Vibra (IDE) only found after warm reboot from DOS.

I have a Lion Optics "ATAP/IDE" CD-ROM that runs well under MS-DOS inserted in
my new SoundBlaster-16 Vibra

Although it's installed as the master on the second IDE port, it doesn't show
up there as /dev/hdl1 (or whatever slackware setup said it's supposed to be).
 Instead I consistently get a "mount point /cdrom not found."

However: when the system probes it does actually find it on /dev/hdc and
mount it on /cdrom, but ONLY  if I just warm booted from DOS!  Otherwise it
remains "not found" on any port.

Now, I'm assuming that the CD-ROM IDE driver installed in the kernel that came
 with slakware is doing this.  Am I right (and isn't this wierd)?  Or does
this supposed driver not exist in my kernel?  This would mean that I'd have to
recompile my kernel with that alpha IDE CD-ROM driver, wouldn't it?  With the
lousy luck I've had just compiling simple test stuff (like omega) I'm not
looking forward to that.

Anything that might enlighten this Linux-newbie would be appreciated.

-John M. Vreeland

"He who dies with the most toys is dead."

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