Can I use my Apple Stylewriter 1200 with Linux?

Can I use my Apple Stylewriter 1200 with Linux?

Post by swanm.. » Tue, 30 Jan 1996 04:00:00

Is it possible to get an Apple Stylewriter 1200 to work wth Linux?





1. Apple stylewriter 1200

Yo Yo!!

How can I print to an Apple Stylewriter 1200 which is on the same ethernet
as a linux box, from the linux box? What filters etc do I need for my
printcap entry? Does anyone know?


 * The memory pool scheme is a simple one.  Each in-memory page is referenced
 * by a bucket which is threaded in up to two of three ways.  All active pages
 * are threaded on a hash chain (hashed by page number) and an lru chain.
 * Inactive pages are threaded on a free chain.  Each reference to a memory
 * pool is handed an opaque MPOOL cookie which stores all of this information.

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