STB Horizon 64

STB Horizon 64

Post by Gegus » Thu, 22 Apr 1999 04:00:00

Does anyone has a X-Server package, that supports the STB Horizon 64.
Its regulary not supportet by XFree86 and SuSE told me, that there
would be just the Accelerated X Server, who supports this Graphiccard.
If someone does have this server or anothe solution for this problem
please get in contact with me....

1. STB Horizon 64


I have a graphic card HORIZON 64 PCI (2MRAM), but I don't now configurate
XFree86 whit this video card. I used XConfig86 and superprobe but the
configuration was always not good.

Does anybody know if I can use Xfree86 with my HORIZON 64 PCI ?
How can I find the appropriate drivers if I need some ?

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