consultant needed for turnkey system

consultant needed for turnkey system

Post by Henry W Meyerdin » Thu, 21 Dec 2000 01:19:16

Seeking a consultant in Leicester England who can deliver a low end
turnkey Linux computer, RedHat preferred.

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1. UNIX System Administration/Cobol Consultant needed in Atlanta

Location:  Atlanta, Georgia

Need someone with strong skills in UNIX system administration (most
important), with some knowledge of COBOL programming (in any

The current effort involves porting applications, and we need someone to
do system administration work, who understands COBOL programming. Hourly
rate will depend on qualifications. We should be able to provide a very
good rate for this type of work.

If interested, please contact Phil today. If you send a resume, please
call to follow up so we can respond quickly.

NOTE: If you send a resume, it will be held in strict confidence.

Thank you very much.

Phil Baggett

(404) 262-7222 Ext. 201
(404) 266-3533 - Fax

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