trouble installing redhat

trouble installing redhat

Post by anscb.. » Tue, 21 Apr 1998 04:00:00

We are having trouble installing redhat 5.0 on a Tyan 1692S
motherboard with an 8.4 Gig Maxtor IDE.  We have used both disk druid
and fdisk.  We get through setting up the paritions, but after it
starts to format it crashes.  Any ideas?


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I have a spare hard drive I'm installing linux on. it has a fat32 File
system. For some reason whenver I try to install it to said hard drive,
it refuses to believe there's any place to install it to. is there a way
to work around this? Should I format the the hard drive to a FAT16? if
so, where would I find the neccassary utilities?

Mu nkE

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