Partitioning a 8G disk

Partitioning a 8G disk

Post by Janne Fr|s » Tue, 20 Jan 1998 04:00:00


I'm having trouble trying to install linux in a new 8G disk. I'm using
RedHat 5.0 linux, using the FTP installation system.

It seems that the installation after "DiskDruid" or "fdisk" doesn't
see the end of the partition table once it grows over 6G??

(ie. next step complains you haven't made a swap partition etc. if
it's at the end of the table). Or if I go back to use fdisk, the menu
only shows the partitions only up to 6G.

Anyone else noticed this?

Another peeve is that you cannot choose more than 128M of swap at the
diskdruid menu.


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1. backing up 8G partition to CD's

How do I back up my whole Linux partition (about 8 GB) to CD-R's?  I
know how to do this with a tape drive, but on this computer all I have
is a CD-writer.  Also, there is not too much free space on the HD, so
the obvious solution (dd; split; koncd) does not work (requires 16G).
Also, I don't want to spend hours selecting files ("now back up this
folder, but not that subfolder since the CD does not have space,

It is not necessary that the CD-R's contain all individual files that
are on the system; the system will only be restored all at once.

Also, the backup should be restorable when the HD is wiped out, e.g.
by a program on another CD or floppy that reads the backup CD-R's.

If someone could even explain a method that works for partitions that
have no supported filesystem (such as WinXP), that would be even

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