Slackware 3.4: FAT32, UMSDOS, Hang after Mounted Root

Slackware 3.4: FAT32, UMSDOS, Hang after Mounted Root

Post by Nathan R Heag » Wed, 20 May 1998 04:00:00

To noone's surprise I am having difficulty installing Linux. I am using
Slackware 3.4, trying to install using umsdos on a FAT32 drive.

Originally I was getting the error "VFS: Unable to mount root fs on 02:1c"
but after using fresh disks and switching to the FAT32 bootdisk (versus
bare.i) I have gotten much farther, but now the system seems to hang after
reading the root disk, with the message "VFS: Mounted root (minix
filesystem)" I would have guessed that this would be a successful message,
but am given no login prompt and I get no response to anything I type.

I have tried to read all the relevent HOWTO docs, including the (seemingly)
seperate UMSDOSHOWTO. I have tried to create the c:\LINUX\ folder because I
thought that it might be required before the installation, however that did
not help. I am a (obvious) UNIX newbie, wanting Linux to be able to test my
simple CGI/PERL scripts on my own machine. I have also given myself some
options, if there is no way to do what I am doing now:

1. It appears that Slackware has released a FAT32-UMSDOS installation
distribution which would (to me) obviously work, but at 33MB it is too large
for me to download, and I doubt wether I need all 33MB. Is there a
broken-down version of this .zip? Is there a way to download only the files
I want?

2. Although I would rather not, I may end up trying to create a Linux
partition. Will that help anything, or is FAT32 my problem?

I hope that someone who has done this can help, even pointing me to other
sources of information would be appreciated.

Here is a brief rundown of my system:

P2 233
ASUS P2L97 motherboard
96MB RAM in SyncDRAM
3.2 GIG FAT32 Windows95 drive, 1 partition, IDE (33MB/sec version)
ADAPTEC 2940 SCSI Controller installed, no conected HDs, only SCSI external
2 PnP Cards: 33.6 Supra Modem, 16bit SounBlaster
ATI Expression 3D+

If I have left out any neccessary information, I will supply it. Thanks for
any assistance.
Nathan R Heagy
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Slackware 3.4: FAT32, UMSDOS, Hang after Mounted Root

Post by Nathan R Heag » Thu, 21 May 1998 04:00:00

>Perhaps the Slackware FAT32-umsdos distribution you mentioned may
>work.  My advice, however, is that trying to use umsdos on a FAT32
>partition may prove to be more trouble than it's worth, and you may
>wind up with something that won't work right anyway.  Who needs the
>added uncertainty?

I caved and went for the dedicated partition. Of course, I had to download
the newest FIPS, and lose 400MB from Windows. Everything is going good, but
I am having trouble hooking up the internet. (This is being typed in
Windows) Is RedHat any better than Slackware 3.4 at setting up X and
internet, and maybe even Netscape? I bought this distribution at a Future
Shop - does RedHat show up in this type of store?

Thanks for the reply,
Nathan R Heagy
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