Trident 9440

Trident 9440

Post by D Stewa » Thu, 05 Dec 1996 04:00:00

Well, I did a little more research and reading, and discovered:

The Trident 9440 is supposed to be fully supported in the 3.2 SVGA server

16bpp can be had by adding:

        Option "linear"

to the Device section for non-PCI cards - by default linear mapping is turned
off in the server for non-PCI TGUI cards.

24 bpp and  32 bpp still do not work - the server claims they're not supported
for the tgui9000cxi chipset.

Just passing along what I've discovered.


1. Will Trident 9440 PCI and Trident 8900 ISA under Linux?

I'm looking for Trident 9440 PCI and Trident 8900 ISA informations for
further Red Hat 6.0 installation but couldn't find any out. Does somebody
can tell me where to get those specs ? Or if you had any experiences with
those cards, please share!

Thank you


btw, this is my second time posting in English NG, please don't laugh at my
broken english.

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