Changed cdrom setting now linux won't recognize it

Changed cdrom setting now linux won't recognize it

Post by Edward J. Gome » Sat, 25 Mar 1995 05:29:47


I had to change the io address of my mitsumi cdrom and now Linux will not
recognize it. I reconfigured the kernel but it still looks at the old address.
Can anyone help? Thanks in advance!



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Hi, I'm new to Linux and trying to install it on my computer.  I bought
the 'Toolkit for Linux' from Walnut Creek.  When I used the scsi boot
disk and color144 root disk, it would recognize my SCSI controller (Pro
Audio Spectrum 16) but not the SCSI CDROM attached to it.  Finally, I
copied the A disks onto floppies and installed with those.  I thought
then I might be able to mount it.  As instructed in the CDROM-HOWTO, I ran:

mknod /dev/sr0 b 11 0
mount -r -t iso9660 /dev/sr0 /cdrom

but it said that /dev/sr0 was not a valid block device.  Doesn't the 'b'
in the mknod command create it as a block device?
Also, I read in another post to
cat /proc/devices
cat /proc/filesystems

to find out about my active devices, but I have neither of those files.
Any ideas?  I don't want to install ALL of the Linux stuff by disk!
                                        Emil Aalto

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