Cirrus Logic GD5436PCI w/2MB not working in text mode !!!!

Cirrus Logic GD5436PCI w/2MB not working in text mode !!!!

Post by Robert Fis » Sun, 13 Dec 1998 04:00:00


I have CL GD5436PCI graphic card w/ 2MB and I get some weird
characters on screen in text mode when linux access read/write from/to
hard drive. This card is reported to work w/ XFree.

Does anybody know what configuration/jumper should I change to make
this card work with Linux?????


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Has any one else had problems using 132x43 VGA text
mode using the Cirrus Logic chip set?

I've used two different VGA cards, both using Cirrus Logic
chips and when I set the video mode (by lilo) to 132x43
the bottom line of the display is always jumbled.

Is this problem comman to the Cirrus line or is it something
about my configuration?


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