HELP - What Tape drive should I get ?

HELP - What Tape drive should I get ?

Post by Glen Brittl » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00


   I have a Pentium 266mmx with RH 6.0 loaded on it.  It currently has a
4 gig drive.  This is the first of many Linux boxes I plan to have.

   I would like to know what would be a good tape drive to use that has
the most capacity.

   I have also seen msgs that suggest removable HD's .

   What is the best way to go ?


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1. Solaris ufsdump: only getting 5GB/tape with 8505XL drive and 160m tapes ...

Solaris ufsdump:  only getting 5GB/tape with 8505XL drive and 160m tapes ...

I don't know why, but I'm only getting 5GB/tape on an EXB-8505XL drive with
160m length tapes using Solaris 2.3's ufsdump.  I should be getting at least
the native 7GB of the tape.  I'm using 17000 as the length in the ufsdump
command, here's an example:

   ufsdump 0bdsfu 126 54000 17000 /dev/rmt/1hn /export/home/wopr

I've tried both the /dev/rmt/1hn and /dev/rmt/1cn devices (the EXB-8505XL is
housed in a EXB-210 stacker, which is /dev/rmt/0) and, either way, I can only
fit 5GB on a tape.  In the log, ufsdump also reports the fraction of the tape
used for each dump to be only 5GB for "1.00 tape(s)" -- e.g. "estimated
13842716 blocks (6759.14MB) on 1.29 tape(s).

Is it the device setup in Solaris?  Is there a patch for Solaris 2.3 that
addresses this problem (if there is one with the OS)?  Is is just me?  HELP!!!

-- Bryan J. Smith
   Software Engineer
   Coleman Aerospace


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