RedHat 2.1 and Phillips/LMS CM206

RedHat 2.1 and Phillips/LMS CM206

Post by ch.. » Sat, 20 Jul 1996 04:00:00

Hi all.

I've decided to try to move from Slackware to RedHat mainly due to the
reported benefits of upgrading using RPMS.  I have a copy of the InfoMagic
November, 5 CD Linux Developer Resource which has RedHat 2.1.  

The main problem I'm having is getting RH to recognize my CD.  I have one of
those MediaVision PAS/CD combos which has the CD plug into the sound card
rather than the IDE interface.  The 1213 boot images on my RH CD do not
support the CM206 CD (neither did Slackware), but some of the images in the
1332 directory indicated support for Phillips/LMS drives.  I used RAWRITE to
get the boot images and ramdisks to floppy, but when I reboot, nothing
happens.  The floppy spins for a second and then nothing.

As I mentioned, I have Slackware installed from the same CD set.  I did have
to use one of the experimental boot images, but everything seems to work OK.  
I did check the latest FAQ at the RH site, and there is some mention of
needing to fiddle with jumpers if one uses an old SoundBlaster 16 / CD combo,
due to the fact that the CD is not "directly" connected to the IDE controller.
  Before I embark down this path, has anyone else tried to get a CM206, or any
older sound/CD combo, to work with RH, and how?  It just seems wierd to me
that Slackware could install from CD w/o needing to fiddle with Sound or CD
jumpers.  As I also have quite a few DOS games which were painstakingly set up
based on current jumper settings, I'd rather avoid switching them if possible.

Thanks in advance for any help.

BTW, my news service is spotty.  If it's not too much trouble could you also


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The LMS/Phillips CM206 cdrom driver seems not to have been updated for
versions beyond about 1.3.xx.  It will not link in with the kernel
version 2.0.36 (or .35)
and when you try to load it as a module (that was built at the same time
as the kernel and
with the same source tree) you get the message:
" load failed: module symbols do not match kernel symbols"

Has anyone updated this driver for 2.0.36?
( I know it is an old drive so messages suggesting I get a newer IDE or
SCSI drive
need not be posted)

Thanks for the help!

Ron Parise

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