Adaptek AHA1542 in PnP motherboards

Adaptek AHA1542 in PnP motherboards

Post by Wm. E. Davidsen » Mon, 25 Nov 1996 04:00:00

Just upgraded a machine from 486-80 to P5-133 (overkill), and the SCSI
controller does want to talk to the kernel. The message is "Can't
determine interrupt" and it looks as if there's a problem with the PnP
(what else is new) on the new motherboard.

I've set the int (10) for "old AT," "PNP/PCI" and "auto" modes, without
any notable joy. If I leave the BIOS enabled it hangs during boot. Tried
replacing the controller, disabling the BIOS, etc. Tried using or not
the floppy controller on the Adaptek.

Award PnP BIOS, if that matters. I assume there's a trick other than
replacing the controllers in these machines (I have two here).
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