video on winbook xl with redhat 6 setup?

video on winbook xl with redhat 6 setup?

Post by dont.. » Tue, 06 Jul 1999 04:00:00

Hi I'm cycling around and around on the video setup for RedHat 6 on my
Winbook XL (C&T 65554 video chip with 12" DSTN LCD Screen). I can't get
it to pass the XConfigurator (4.2.3) test.

Anyone got a clue on this?

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1. redhat 5.0 on a Winbook XL

Hello world!!!

I recently bought the Redhat 5.0 for my Winbook XL laptop (233 Pentium
MMX , 16 megs of RAM, 1.6 G ULTRA DMA hard drive).

I am worried though if it will properly install as I have an ULTRA DMA
1.6 G Toshiba for a hard drive.   Can any one please tell me if it is
safe at all to install Redhat 5.0 on a ULTRA DMA disk... Is there a way
to tweak the kernel to properly install it?

I am really excited about the promise of the linux community about the
raw power of this OS, but it seems that it still has to be developed  to
become a freely portable OS, just like Win 95--no offense meant on the
linux community.

Despite its flaws (hardware compatibility issues), I  really think linux
has a lot to offer.  Kindly help me realize linux's promise of a
dynamic, freely distributable and powerful OS and free me from the bonds
of MS strong-arm marketing tactics.

Thanks in advance......

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