Writting hosts.equiv/hosts.lpd files

Writting hosts.equiv/hosts.lpd files

Post by Nathan Gilber » Tue, 05 Aug 1997 04:00:00

Is there a document which states the structure for the hosts.equiv
and/or the hosts.lpd files?  It seems kind of strange that the lpd
printing system is so widely used, but the documentation is so scarce.

Nathan %-)


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I am trying to get lpd to print to a printer on another linux server.

I found in the man pages that I had to put the clients name into hosts.lpd on
the server. I did this and I still get a message saying that my host does
not have access to the printer. I also tried using an IP address but this didn't

I am running RedHat4.2 (kernel2.0.30) and my hosts.lpd looks like this

These are the IP addresses of the two machines that I want to have access to
the printers.

I have looked through the source code of the lpd programme and found that these
files are parsed by the '__ivaliduser' or '_validuser' functioons. Does anyone
know what format this file is supposed to be in and if my file should work,
what else should I look for. I have found nothing to this effect in any man
or faq that I have found so far.

thank you
Graham Crowe

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