Installing Linux on an OmniBook 600C

Installing Linux on an OmniBook 600C

Post by Anders Mo » Wed, 17 Jul 1996 04:00:00

Hi there!

I'm trying to install the slackware 3.0 on the HP OmniBook 600C. I would like
to use UMSDOS as the filesystem, but the slackware distribution doesn't seem
to work. I've heard that the UMSDOS root disk needs DMA-access to the floppy
disk to work properly and that for there exists a patch to solve this problem.

However, this would mean that I would have to build a new kernel and as my
only existing Linux installation has 40MB of disk space I am not sure that
can install the GCC compiler and the source code on this system and still
have space to build a kernel.

Has somebody out there overcome this problem? My OmniBook 600C has 8MB RAM and
60 megabytes of free diskspace.



1. Q: Linux and HP OmniBook 600c

Hi folks,
        a friend of mine thinks of buying an OmniBook 600 (-c, I
think) and would like to use LinuX with it. Have you tried it?

* Is there support for the "pop-up-mouse"? The dealer said,
not even OS/2 could handle it...
* Is there something special about it's bus system?
* I gathered that it runs with pcmcia-harddisks only. Is that a

Any help appreciated!
Thanks, Jan.
                   =o= M-1 0 0 M-x praise-emacs =o=

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