RFA re: Kernal null pointer dereference during install boot

RFA re: Kernal null pointer dereference during install boot

Post by gro.. » Tue, 01 Oct 1996 04:00:00

Request For Assistance:
I am attempting to install Linux (from the "Linux Universe" distribution, 2nd
edition) but cannot get through the initial boot to start the install. Booting
by cd or floppy yields the same error, that of  a kernal null pointer
dereference. The error message appears to indicate one of the serial ports. To
that end I have stripped the hardware to a bare bones machine as well as
disabling the 2nd ioport and the parallel port to start to trace it. Still, same
 The machine is a Gateway 386-25, bios date 1-15-88 with generic EIDE
controller/IOport card, Sony CDU-31A CD-rom, and 8 megs ram.

post to newsgroup.
Thank you.     Total error message is as follows:

Unable to handle kernal Null pointer dereference at virtual address c0000003
current tss.crs = 00006000, %cr3 = 00006000
*pde = 00102067
*pte = 00000027
eip: 0010:00000003
Eflags: 00010216
eax: 00000004  ebx: 0019171e  ecx: 00000401  edx: 00080401
esi: 00000401  edi: 0008efc0  ebp: 00000000  esp: 00007ee8
process swapper     (pid:1, process nr:1, stackpage=00007000
00007f44  00000004  00008dd4  00007f44  00000401  00123a8a  00203860  00008ce8
0012d905  00008dd4  00000000  00000003  00008000  0012df6d  00000000  00000003
0012dfb7  00000401  0019220d  00000401  00007f50  0008efc0  00000000  00000000

call trace:
00123a8a  0012d905  0012df6d  0012dfb7  0019220d  001244a7  00122ab6
00122b42  00110359  001e0018  001e0018  0010f1be  0010f105

code: 00  f4   06   70   00   16   00   cc   0a   f4   06   70   00   f4

Warning: null TTY for (4,1) in release_dev


Thank you