Newbie ? on Installing Ethernet

Newbie ? on Installing Ethernet

Post by Silent B » Wed, 23 Oct 1996 04:00:00

Specifically, I have a TRENDnet TE-16XPress Series  Ethernet card.  I
already have it set up w/ Win95 where it works beautifully(hard to
believe w/ w95!?)  But I now wish to set it up w/ Linux, (Slackwaare
2.2.0)  I was wondering where I can find FAQ's, info, etc. on
installing it.  I wish it to connect w/ UM Rolla's network, and I
heard it was a * and a half to do, so I was looking to read up as
much as possible before starting on this ordeal.  

Thank you very much!!!!!
I would prefer email because I do not check this group often.

Also, I have a Diamond Speedstar Pro, I was just wondering if Xwindows
will run if I have that card.  Thanx for any help, It is appreciated!

Kevin Dreyer
Silent Bob

"Love is the triumph of Imagination over Intelligence"


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I installed redhat v5.0 but during the installation it would not detect
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sure what to expect if I did, would probe auto find it?  How do I
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theire must be a way.

Thank in advance

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