Fax Software

Fax Software

Post by Ted Troccol » Sun, 01 Dec 1996 04:00:00

Using RedHat 4.0 kernel 2.0.24

Does anyone have opinions about fax software to use
on linux?

I have efax installed, but if something knows of
something better I won't spend time getting
familiar with it..

Hopefully, there is a GUI fax utility.

p.s. Post/Email replies please!


1. FAX Software Shared with UUCP line?

Are there any SCO FAX packages that will allow you to use the same
modem for FAXing and UUCPing?  I'd hate to buy a modem just to
dedicate to FAXing, but being able to 'cu', 'uucp', and "fax' using
the same modem would be a little more cost-effective.

ArnetFax says its possible, but not recommended (IOW - it doesn't work)
    (Robert - I'll trade you 5 copies of unused ArnetFAX for a
    16 port board :-)

VSI-Fax - One user reports that is does not handle this very well, but
          will sell us a 30-day demo to try it out for ourselves.
          Does VSI work with uucp and cu?  It's supposedly the best
          package around....

Anything else I'm not familiar with - Any suggestions?  TIA!!!

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