HELP: "Cannot open mouse (Device or resource busy)"

HELP: "Cannot open mouse (Device or resource busy)"

Post by B.G. Mahe » Thu, 07 Sep 1995 04:00:00

I have installed Slackware 2.3 [from ADRAS] on my
Micron Millenia Pentium 133Mhz.  I have a SONY 17sf1
monitor. I believe I have a Diamond Stealth 64 card!
When I reboot the system [MSDOS] I get the message "S64DMODE".
I configured the mouse to be a PS/2 mouse. I get the following

Fatal server error:
  Cannot open mouse (Device or resource busy)

xinit : No such file or directory (error 2) : unexpected 13

Any ideas how I can solve this problem? If possible,
please respond by email.



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HELP: "Cannot open mouse (Device or resource busy)"

Post by Paul Podbielsk » Fri, 08 Sep 1995 04:00:00

Yes.... this sounds familiar.  I bet you that you have gpm running.  If you can
point with the mouse while in shell and have the highlighted text appear on the
command line with a right-click.... that is definitely the case.  Your startup
script will also tell you "running gpm" just before the LOGIN: prompt appears.

You need to edit your /etc/rc.d/.rclogin (this is the path I use, anyway) and
comment out the line
                  gpm -t &
and reboot your system.  This will rid you of the problem forever.

If you really like the way gpm works and you wat to keep it, just type
                  gpm -k
before you startx.

There are two risks associated with this technique:
        1) One I gpm -k, I cannot get gpm to work again until I reboot.
        2) Its a pain to gpm -k all the time.  I'm working on getting the command to
execute when I startx.  I've just been busy doing other things with the system
and have not gotten around to it yet.

                    ---- Have fun !!!


1. mouse -> /dev/mouse "device or resource busy"

        When you installed the newer Linux version you probably said yes
to the option which allows cutting and pasting with the mouse in virtual consoles.
The result of this is that the mouse gets assigned to the process running this
feature and ties up the mouse.  Look in your /etc/rc.d/rc.local file for a line
that look something like : 'selection -t ps2 &'
        Comment out this line and reboot your Linux system. That's all folks...

                                        --- Gregory Gauthier

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