Linux Kernel Patch v1.3.47 - Bug & Fix

Linux Kernel Patch v1.3.47 - Bug & Fix

Post by Manfred Mag » Sat, 16 Dec 1995 04:00:00

Hi Linux fans & supporters,

patch-1.3.47.gz contains one error in file


Line 2168 of the 'un-gzip-ped' version of this file is:

+{   printk("Hostbyte=0x%02x ",hostbyte(scsiresult));

but it should be:

+{   printk("Hostbyte=0x%02x ",host_byte(scsiresult));

So, the difference is 'host_byte' instead of 'hostbyte'.

Good luck & thanks to all Linux supporters


1. Linux V1.3.47 Error

Change it to this instead:

        void print_hostbyte(int scsiresult)
        {   printk("Hostbyte=0x%02x ",host_byte(scsiresult));

There are serveral other cases of this in the constants.c file.  It's
amazing home much havoc can be raised by leaving out one character.


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