popclient loses mail

popclient loses mail

Post by Marshall Gigue » Fri, 22 Sep 1995 04:00:00


I'm using popclient to retreive my mail from my ISP.  Popclient goes
thru all the motions but the mail vanishes.  It's not in my
/var/spool/ dir, it's not in any local mail file that I can see.  It
just seems to have disappeared.  According to the man page the mail
supposed to go to the /var/spool/meg mail file via the local mail
agent which is kicked off by popclient (see below).

Any help or enlightenment is greatly appreciated.


~> popclient -3 -v ****.********.***
Enter mailserver password:
+OK QUALCOMM Pop server derived from UCB (version 2.1.4-R3+jon) at
 *****.********.*** starting.

Quote:> USER meg

+OK Password required for meg.
Quote:> PASS password

+OK meg has 1 message(s) (23936 octets).
Quote:> STAT
+OK 1 23936
> RETR 1

+OK 23936 octets
user = meg, homedir = /home/meg
(396 lines of message content)
Quote:> DELE 1

+OK Message 1 has been deleted.
Sendmail arguments: "send-mail" "-i" "meg"
Quote:> QUIT

+OK Pop server at *****.********.*** signing off.

1. popclient loses mail

I'm running Linux 1.2.8 (or sometimes .13) and a SLIP/SLIRP connection to a
real Internet site. Now to try to get my mail onto my Linux host ("binkle"
to make it clear) I try to use popclient -3 to the other Linux host
("hamgate") which is on the Internet. Now I have a couple of problems with
this: first of all, when I do this as a normal user I'm told that the
Operation is not permitted. When I do this as root I don't get any error
messages, but the mail isn't on binkle in root's mailbox, and it is no
longer on hamgate. In other words: the mail is lost.


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