HP 500C -- ascii test prints OK, PostScript prints special characters

HP 500C -- ascii test prints OK, PostScript prints special characters

Post by Robert Dodi » Thu, 27 Sep 2001 14:16:10

I was able to get my HP 500C working with apsfilter.
The key point was to select the correct driver -- sounds simple,
but it slowed me down anyway!

The printer works great with the cdjmono driver -- but
with cdjcolor it parks the cartridge in the middle of the
bar and flashes the "Change cartridge" light. Doh! It's waiting
for me to swap out the b&w cartridge!

And of course other driver selections lead to garbage (special
characters like smiley faces) being printed. Keep in mind that
you can't get clear away the garbage by resetting or power cycling
the printer -- the spooler will retry the job and print more garbage;
you have to remove the offending job from the queue (using lprm).

I had originally used printconf to configure (unsuccessfully).
I removed the printcap which it created, so the only entries
were created by apsfilter. Hmm, I seem to recall a comment header
which indicated that the printcap is regenerated when lpd restarts.
To be honest, I'm not sure which program put the old printer config
entries into the printcap.

FWIW -- useful links: www.linuxprinting.org and www.apsfilter.org

Happy printing,

Robert Dodier


1. HP 500C -- ascii test prints OK, PostScript prints special characters

Hello all,

I am a little confused about setting up a HP 500C printer to
work with RedHat 7.1.

When I use printtool to set up, I configure the queue and so on,
and printtool doesn't complain. When I print the ascii test page,
it prints OK. But when I try to print the PostScript test page,
it prints a line of special characters (smiley faces and so on)
and then ejects the page... and then keeps doing that for a long time.

I believe I selected the right driver (cdj500). How did those
smiley faces get there? Maybe the config files didn't get written
correctly -- which files do I need to look at?

Another problem I've seen -- when I try to print a PostScript file
using lpr, the print head goes to the middle of the track and
sits there while the "Replace Cartridge" light flashes. I'm assuming
this is a related problem.

Any advice you can give is gratefully appreciated.

Robert Dodier
``Ainda nos faz lembrar os belos tempos'' -- on the prow of a fishing boat.

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