Q: HOWTO setup HP Deskjet 560C

Q: HOWTO setup HP Deskjet 560C

Post by Bernd Anhaeu » Fri, 03 Feb 1995 05:40:57

   If you want to print plain text, you have to either: (1) add carriage
   returns to the document (I use the program unix2dos) or, as I understand,
   there are programs that make the printer interperet a linefeed as a LF/CR

There should also be some dip-switches so you can enforce LF -> CR/LF
mode. At least the older Deskjet Plus has them.

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1. Q: HOWTO setup HP Deskjet 560C

: Groovy...But could someone post the /etc/printcap and all necessary filters
: along with the directions on how to use them as well.  It seems that my printing
: knowledge borders on zero.

Use apsfilters newest Beta from rwth-aachen ... see signature ...


                  *** apsfilter - irgendwie clever ***

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