Scrolling mouse purchase advice

Scrolling mouse purchase advice

Post by Robert Davie » Fri, 13 Jul 2001 23:11:42

Short while back I started having mouse freezes, which gradually got worse,
including occasional 'passenger syndrome' as various menus and windows
would pop up, as I watched wondering what the hell was going on.

Turned out to be my mouse, which is an M$ Intellimouse with scrollwheel.  
It's not much more than one year old so I'm not impressed.  The other draw
back, was that the scroll wheel although useful isn't that comfortable with
heavy use, I'm wondering if the types with raised scroll buttons are more
comfortble, although perhaps you loose the 'middle' button feature of a
scroll whell, which I've got used to.

Unfortunately the XFree site, and distro compatability pages seem to have
little to say on mice, so I'm wondering what others are using, and what
currently available mice work well with XFree4?

Are any of the Mouse manufacturers Linux friendly, or do they just ignore
it, and leave the XFree team to write drivers by reverse engineering?



1. xterm scrolling question => how to get automatic scrolling with mouse?


howdy folks.  here's a section from the SGI xwsh man page.  this is a
really helpful feature at times and i'm wondering if anyone has ever
seen this sort of thing for an xterm.  i can't figure out how to get
an xterm to do this:

- -------
     If during the process of making a selection the pointer moves vertically
     out of the text area then the text area will be automatically scrolled to
     allow selections that are larger than the visible area.
- -------

any tips?


- -pjf

Version: 2.6.2
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