Newbie install: can't find network device

Newbie install: can't find network device

Post by Simo » Fri, 03 Apr 1998 04:00:00

My very first experiences with Linux (Redhat 5)

I'm trying to a do an FTP install.  I have a DE-200P and have selected NE2000
compatible during the install process, but I get a message that it cannot
find the device.  I've tried it with the autoprobe and setting the config
myself.  Any suggestions?

I don't have much disk space, so I did not want to download everything via
OS/2 on to my harddrive, but if necessary I can try.  What would be the
minimum I woud need to put on the hard drive?


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1. newbie installing Debian: how can I tell what hard device I'm installing to?

I have three hard drives on my machine: 2 IDE and one SCSI. (And a DVD-ROM
and a CD-RW.)

The first time I ran the Debian install I chose the default flavor. When I
got to the menu asking on which device I want to create the swap partition I
was suprised to see only one choice. I forget now which one it was, but
something like /dev/hde.  Being unable to determine which device "hde"
referred to, I canceled and went back to the web sites for more info.

I discovered that the bf24 flavor includes changes for Highpoint IDE
controllers, so I went back and tried that. It worked better in that now I
have these choices:


How can I tell which hard drive Linux has decided to call /dev/hdc? I
suppose I can guess based on the master/slave settings on my IDE controller,
but I would like to be certain.

Earlier in the install process a lot of text went scrolling by on the screen
listing devices and I'm pretty sure I sase the hdc/hde mappings go by in
that list, but I've tried twice now and it's just to fast to read.

If I knew more about Linux perhaps I could make use of the Alt-F3 console to
type in some command that would show me device info--but I'm too green to
know how.


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