file permissions & group membership when uploading files via FTP

file permissions & group membership when uploading files via FTP

Post by Christian Schmi » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00


I run debian v2.2 with wu-ftpd as FTP server.
How can I change the default group a file is member
of when uploaded via FTP?

Every user can only upload files to his home


I would like all files uploaded via FTP for all
users on the system to have the follwing permissions:

Owner= rwx
Group= rx
Other= none

Owner=user who uploads the file

How can this be done with wu-ftpd?



1. FTP uploaded file permissions?

This may be more UNIX than Linux specific, but when I ftp upload files
to my ISP they used to have 644 permission.  Now uploaded files are
being saved with 666 permission.  This happens regardless of whether I
upload from Linux or Win95 (WS_FTP32).

My normal shell umask is 022 (.profile and .cshrc).  Is there some way
to set a umask or otherwise set default file permissions for FTP
uploads from either end (sending or receiving)?

David Efflandt/Elgin, IL USA

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