Boot from Magneto-Optical Drive?

Boot from Magneto-Optical Drive?

Post by Heinrich H. Beck, Jr » Thu, 04 Mar 1999 04:00:00

I have a Power Mac 7200/90 with 80 RAM and two hard drives with an
attached MO Drive (The Fujitsu 640).

I have the LinuxPPC v4 CD-ROM and want to install it on the MO cartridge
and boot from the cartridge.

Can it be done?

The Red Hat Installer included always screws me because I do not know
WHAT format to format the MO disks as...

Suggestions or INFORMED advice would be appreciated.




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I have a Fujitsu Dynam magneto-optical drive.  I've been able to mount a diskette
written under DOS by using the mount command with the options

   -t msdos

But I'd like to set up one of the disks as a Linux file system.  How can I do that?
(I assume there are two steps: first format the disk "properly", then create the file
system on it.)

Paul Abrahams

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