Matrox mystique support in dosemu/svgalib/vga

Matrox mystique support in dosemu/svgalib/vga

Post by David Cougl » Sun, 10 May 1998 04:00:00

Is matrox mystique not supported by dosemu or svgalib or vga?  I got
quake running svgalib as well as xnes, but snemul, dos games in dosemu, and some
other svga  programs just make bars of colors across the screen which dont go
away until i reboot.

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1. SVGALIB - No support for Matrox Mystique 220 makes Linux look useless

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At one point in cyberspacetime,

This is no fundamental "short-coming" of Linux.  Why don't you take it up
with Matrox instead of blaming Linux?  It is their responsibility to
develop the Linux drivers and it seems they have decided not to.

I wouldn't know but this is exactly my point.  SuperProbe is not and nor
does it claim to be foolproof.

man SuperProbe:

       SuperProbe is a a program that will attempt  to  determine
       the  type  of video hardware installed in an EISA/ISA/VLB-
       bus system by checking for known registers in various com-
       binations  at  various  locations  (MicroChannel  and  PCI
       machines may not be fully supported; many  work  with  the
       use  of the -no_bios option).  This is an error-prone pro-
       cess, especially on Unix (which usually  has  a  lot  more
       esoteric  hardware  installed  than  MS-DOS system do), so
       SuperProbe may likely need help from the user.

svgalib The Next Generation is here and in the works at


Once GGI is ready and supports your card, svgalib emulation should be able
to run on top if it.

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