SCSI problems

SCSI problems

Post by Wyzyr » Fri, 03 Jul 1998 04:00:00


I need help with a SCSI problem

I re-installed RedHat 5.0 Linux on an HP Pavilion 5120 / 133MHZ pentium/
at the same time as I installed a new NCR875-based wide/diff SCSI
PCI adaptor, and a bank of 5  2GB HP drives. (will software RAID at
some point, but not now).

The box, without the SCSI addons, had been happily running RedHat 4.2
for several months.

During 5.0 install, autoprobe found and identified the card correctly,
formatted/partitioned the dasd devices correctly,  wrote correct fstab
entries for the mount points etc.

After first reboot, however, dmesg info shows scsi: hosts 0
and the drives/mount points are unavailable.

The bootprompt HOWTO states that the NCR875 series doesnt use
boot parms.

The boot is managed by a boot floppy/autoboot from DOS, and
the vmlinuz on the floppy has been updated to the 5.0 version.

I'm lost - help?

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