how do i implement virtuakl domain name

how do i implement virtuakl domain name

Post by lngu.. » Wed, 21 Jun 1995 04:00:00

        could some one please tell me how i could implememt a virtual
domain name. i know it's possible.  would i just register the name to
nic to point to my machine and have the virtual domain alias to my own
domain? please email me , becuase i don't have much time to sort thru
all the newsgroup. thanxs in advance.


1. how can a machine has both a real domain name and a bogus domain name?


I have a home network with a bogus domain, like mydomain.home.
Machines in the home lan all have a home IP address like 10.5.5.*, and
a home domain name. The server's name is lion.mydomain.home, and it's
IP is I also have a real IP address, and I am thinking to
host a real domain name. My question is, how can I setup the real
domain, so that the server can have a real domain name? Should I just
create a new zone file, and add a record for it in the named.conf?
Thanks in advance!

Alex Shi

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