Help with booting win95 & linux after install

Help with booting win95 & linux after install

Post by Darren A. Blai » Fri, 03 Jul 1998 04:00:00

        I installed redhat linux 5.0 last night on my P120 machine.  I think my
installation went OK up to the point where I'm selecting how I want my
system to boot.  I first chose "First sector of boot partition", which
should be win95.  I got some kind of error (I absently mindly did'nt
write it down) and when my machine rebooted, it went straight to LILO
and my only option was "rescue".  I reinstalled Linux twice choosing
"Master boot record", and "skip", but I keep getting the same thing.  I
want to be able to choose which OS to load, win95 or linux .Anyone have
any idea what I'm doing wrong or what i need to do? Please help.


Please reply by email as well as the group. thanks
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Hi all!

I can't see how to install QNX on my existing Win95/Linux system.
LILO currently manages my boot process, but I can't figure out how to
install QNX in a new partition.

I can easily make a FAT partition from Linux, but then, how do I tell
the QNX install procedure to install itself in that free space?

Or is there an altogether different way of going about doing this?

Thanks for any help,
Jean-Philippe Valois

P.S.  Please, if possible could you also send a reply to

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